Queen of Swords

Drawing me out 
Couldn’t help but turn back 
Couldn’t stand not knowing if I was still there

Leading me out
Couldn’t help but turn around
Couldn’t help but take one last look at hell
And then time sways
Just another day

Dreaming again 
When I wake up will you be there
Will you know me
Will you care

The Queen of Swords
Mirrors break every day 
Mirrors don’t even know what they’re for  

Once I saw a path
Now I’m salt that you scatter
Once I saw the way
Now I haunt the abyss where you’re banished to stay

I thought I saw something
Isn’t that just me
I thought I would be ready
Isn’t that just me (x2)

Isn’t that just me (x5)
That just me (x3)
Just me (x2)